"Nothing Beats a Superior Job!"

"Nothing Beats a Superior Job!"

Preventative Facility Maintenance

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Sweeper washing a street sidewalk with high pressure water jet machine

Your Go To Provider For Preventative Maintenance

Ensuring the upkeep of commercial facilities is essential for any business. It not only helps with maintaining a functional and safe working environment, but it also assists in optimizing costs in the long run. That’s where Superior Facility Services Group, Inc. comes in. As a nationwide commercial facilities services provider, we understand the importance of providing reliable and efficient services to businesses of all sizes. Our preventative maintenance program is designed to help businesses avoid potential maintenance issues before they become problematic, saving time and money in the process. We are committed to delivering the highest level of care to our clients, and our preventative maintenance program is just one of the ways we achieve that.

Choose Superior Facility Services Group, Inc. to help with your commercial facility needs, and enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive services.

Nationwide Services

We work with clients all over the United States. 

Vetted Vendors

Our vendors have been vetted, and we only work with the best. 

Preventative Maintenance Services
That We Offer

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Porter Service

When you choose us as your porter service provider, you can rest assured that you will receive comprehensive and individualized services designed for your business and building. So if you’re looking for exceptional porter services to keep your facility in top shape, look no further than Superior Facility Services Group, Inc.

Lawn Care

Maintaining the appearance of your business property is an important aspect in creating a positive image for your company.  Our team provides top-notch lawn care and landscaping services. We work with reputable vendors throughout the United States to ensure your business property looks its best.

Parking Lot Sweeping

We’ve partnered with vendors throughout the United States who specialize in providing top-notch parking lot sweeping services. Our vendors utilize the latest technology and equipment to keep your parking lot looking its best year-round.


Pressure Washing

With routine power washing services, we can keep surfaces looking fresh and up to your brand image. If your sidewalks have already succumbed to harsh disrepair, we can also use many aggressive options and methods to rejuvenate your image.

Woman cleaning  drain in bathroom with steam

Restroom Steam Cleaning

The conventional bucket and brush method often calls for backbreaking scrubbing and scraping. This is not only time-consuming; it also doesn’t always get the surfaces completely clean. Using high temperatures steaming cleaning is an effective cleaning option that not only cleans it disinfects as you clean.  The steam cleaner does not rely on chemical cleaning agents.

HVAC PM Filter Changes

Handling a variety of different HVAC providers for all of your locations can be overwhelming. Superior Facility Service Group is here to locate and contact HVAC providers Nationwide for you. 

Carpet Cleaning

Our highly trained crew members are available for you on your time schedule, including performing the work overnight, on weekends, and/or holidays, so there is as minimal of a disruption to your business as possible.

Awning Cleaning and Maintenance

Most commercial Awnings are made from synthetic fabrics (Canvas, Vinyl, Polycarb, etc..) that are of the best quality so they last a long time.  


Life expectancy will wear down faster if you don’t take proper maintenance can care is neglected.   A regular schedule cleaning is the first step. 

Garden Pest Control Service

Pest Control

One area that business owners often overlook is preventative pest control. While many pests can seem like a minor nuisance at first, it can quickly become a serious problem if left unchecked. That’s why it’s essential to implement a proactive pest management plan that includes preventative measures to keep pests from reaching critical numbers and causing extensive damage to your property.